Here are some technologies I've worked on.
Project sample 1
Project sample 2
Project sample 3
Cubic Corporation
What I Did At Cubic?

I worked on the website. Clipper card is the card that is used to travel in the bay area public transports like BART, Muni, AC transit etc. It is the website for customers to buy and load money to their clipper card.

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What I Did At VidBid?

Worked on their website with JavaScript libraries like Scrolldeck.js to enable parallax scrolling. I also did PHP-coding when I was working on the Joomla-based website.

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What I Did At FoodtoEat?

I worked as a web developer intern there for three months. During this period, I built the website with a new look and turned it from a static page to dynamic. The webpages were made completely responsive.

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